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San Francisco IRS Lawyer

If ever you’re faced with a notice from the Internal Revenue Service that you’ve failed to file your taxes, it’s understandable that you feel a little panic and think that your financial life is getting a major hit. But that’s not entirely accurate. In fact, about 14 million Americans face tax problems on a regular basis, and not every problem spirals into a life-wrecking situation.

irs attorneyWith a good San Francisco IRS lawyer, chances are you’re going to be okay. You will have experts handling your documents, representing you in court, and negotiating on your behalf. You don’t have to handle your tax issues alone, and there are many great ways to solve them properly.

So don’t worry, just call Defense Tax Partners, the leading financial law firm that can provide you with the best San Francisco IRS lawyer to fix your issues with the IRS. Our experience in the field and a long list of satisfied clients are enough assure you that your case is in good hands.

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Need Tax Help?

The best way to handle issues with the IRS is to seek the services of an expert San Francisco IRS lawyer immediately. You don’t need to handle your case alone and make uncertain decisions that can lead to complications. Our attorneys at Defense Tax Partners can provide effective and proven legal solutions for your tax case.

Here’s a short list of issues that a tax lawyer can help you with:

Non-Filing of Taxes

florida tax attorneyTaxpayers who fail to properly file their taxes will be charged with a failure-to-file penalty by the IRS. This means that every time you file your taxes later than the deadline, you will need to pay an extra 5% to 25% of your unpaid taxes per month. When you don’t file, the IRS can calculate the taxes due itself, and when they do you can also face missed tax credits or deductions when the IRS files your tax return themselves.

Unpaid Taxes

The failure-to-pay penalty also applies to individuals who have failed to pay their taxes despite properly filing them. This essentially means a 5% to 25% increase in taxes every month your payment is late, and you can be charged interest as well.

Unsettled Tax Debts

In some situations, the IRS will take your property in exchange for unpaid tax debt. This is called a federal tax lien. Settling IRS liens is significantly smoother with an experienced San Francisco IRS lawyer. Once we’ve settled your debt, you’ll be able to receive back your property.

Defense Tax Partners is here to provide you with the best legal team for all of your issues with the IRS, including unpaid taxes, facing an IRS audit, or having a difficult time negotiating your case with the authorities.

How Our IRS Lawyers Can Assist You

Rest assured that your case is in capable hands when you partner with Defense Tax Partners.

Tax Attorneys

With many years of successfully handling cases of various clients in San Francisco, we know we have what it takes to get the best solutions for your tax and IRS affairs. We are a team of highly experienced lawyers specializing in federal and California tax law. We work hard, and we dedicate all our resources, expertise, and knowledge to getting the best possible outcome for our clients. So if you’re looking for truly dedicated attorneys who will compassionately and expertly handle your IRS case, Defense Tax Partners is all you need.

We are ready to provide services if ever you need help in one or more of the following situations:

1. Audit Representation
2. Wage Garnishment Removal
3. Tax Lien Removal
4. Tax Resolution
5. Penalty Abatement
6. Tax Preparation
7. Bank Levy Removal
8. Innocent Spouse
9. Offer in Compromise
10. Passport Reinstatement

For effective and fast solutions to your IRS problems, turn to Defense Tax Partners.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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Are you interested in our services? To make sure that we are the right people for your case, let’s first discuss your case through a free consultation with our expert attorneys. We are here to listen to your situation and find the best, smartest, most effective, and most affordable legal solutions to get you out of your IRS issues once and for all.

We know we can fix your problems once we’re able to assess your whole situation and discuss with you the decisions you can make. Rest assured that all our services are done professionally, expertly, and effectively. For a San Francisco IRS lawyer who will fight for your case, Defense Tax Partners is here to help.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (310) 734-4481 for your Free Consultation with an IRS Lawyer!