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Raisin City IRS Audit Defense Attorney

The IRS regularly selects people to audit. And receiving an IRS audit notice out of nowhere can be a very frightening experience. Taxes are never a simple issue, and whether you’re an entrepreneur or a simple employee, an IRS audit can potentially lead to more complex situations.

audit defense and tax fraud attorneyThe best thing to do after receiving that notice is to immediately seek the help of a professional tax lawyer who specializes in issues with IRS auditing. The more time you let slip by, the more complicated your case can become. All your documentation, information, negotiation, representation, and case management needs will be handled by someone who has years of experience on the job. And you wouldn’t want to take this case otherwise.

This is why at Defense Tax Partners, we provide the best Raisin City IRS audit defense attorney for our clients. We guarantee our legal team’s effectiveness, dedication, compassion, and thoroughness to help you face an IRS audit.

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What is an IRS Tax Audit?

A tax audit is a process conducted by the Internal Revenue Service involving the evaluation of a person’s or a business’ financial information to determine if they have complied with federal or state tax laws. Simply put, the IRS regular checks if taxpayers are paying their taxes properly.

tax settlement and tax levyThe IRS notifies the individuals that they intend to audit through the mail. They will then conduct the auditing process through mail or in person, which involves interviews in your residential or commercial location, or even in an IRS or accountant’s office. The interview will consist mostly of questions about your financial situation, tax documents, and information about filing your tax returns.

It is best to prepare thoroughly before facing an audit by reviewing your information and securing all required documents. But the best preparation you can make is to hire the services of a good Raisin City IRS audit defense attorney from Defense Tax Partners, the top financial legal firm in town. We are here to provide all the legal support and representation that you will need to end up with the best results from your IRS tax audit.

Tax Audit Defense

florida tax attorneyA proven Raisin City IRS audit defense attorney from Defense Tax Partners will make the entire auditing process easier for both parties. Firstly, you won’t have to deal with as much stress as you would if try you handle this alone. Much of the worry may come from not knowing what to do in the highly technical environment that is tax law. With a knowledgeable and experienced expert by your side, you can be confident that you will be informed enough throughout the process to make the right decisions. Secondly, the IRS will also have it easier to settle your case if they communicate with an expert on your behalf.

If the audit results seem unfair or unfavorable, your lawyer can help you file for an appeal, giving you and your lawyer more time to review your case and fight for a better result or explore other options.

Tax Audit Legal Support

Tax AttorneysIf ever you receive an intention to audit notice from the IRS, all you need to do is call Defense Tax Partners, the leading Raisin City tax law firm. We can provide everything you need, from consultations and case evaluations to negotiations and representation.

We have extensive experience handling various tax problems. We are confident that with our customer satisfaction rating, we know we have what it takes to provide you with the legal services you deserve and worth your money. Our services are top-notch, effective, and compassionate, and we can’t wait to work with you.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

1. Bank Levy Removal
2. Wage Garnishment Removal
3. Offer in Compromise
4. Tax Resolution
5. Penalty Abatement
6. Tax Preparation
7. Audit Representation
8. Innocent Spouse
9. Tax Lien Removal
10. Passport Reinstatement

For all your tax issues, Defense Tax Partners can provide every service you need with the highest quality of work ethic and effectiveness.

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Are you interested in our services? Let’s begin with a free consultation with one of our attorneys. We want to hear all about your case and find out the best solutions for you. We also want you to be assured that we are the best partner for you.

So if you’re looking for a Raisin City IRS audit defense attorney who will work effectively, compassionately, and aggressively for your defense, just call Defense Tax Partners immediately, and we will get to work on your case as soon as possible.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (310) 734-4481 for your Free Consultation with an IRS Audit Defense Attorney!